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power station, steam turbine, chemical machinery, hoisting machinery and so on.
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Nuclear power

No.3&4 assembling units of the second phase (2X1000MW) for Yangjiang nuclear power plant/No.3,4,5 &6 assembling units for Yangjiang nuclear power plant & No.1&2 assembling units for FCG power station. No.4 assembling unit for the first phase of Hongyanhe nuclear power plant (LOT130N project). Fuel transfer units of No.1&2 assembling units for Fangchenggao city/ coolers for No.1&2 projects/pit gas tightness of the main air pipe. Coolers for No.3&4 projects of Ningde. Regenerative heat exchangers/ circulating water filtration backwashing pump for Changjiang project in Hainan/No.1&2 assembling units for project 130F(coolers) in Hainan. Instrument capsules for the project of Wanjiashan nuclear power plant. Auxiliary feedwater pumps for No.3&4 assembling units /important house service pump for Fuqing nuclear power plant project. Project H-004/006/014/018 in Taishan. Project C3/C4 of Chashma nuclear power plant of Pakistan.



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