Our enterprise is a professional one for shipbuilding, 
power station, steam turbine, chemical machinery, hoisting machinery and so on.
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Steam turbines

Hangzhou Steam Turbine Factory Co Ltd : forge pieces (2Cr12MoV) used to adjust the moving blade on steam turbines and forge pieces (1Cr12Mo) for stationary blades from the first to the fourth grade.
Shanghai steam turbine Co., Ltd.: forge pieces for 1Cr12Mo、34CrNi3Mo conventional materials used for generating set of 30MW、60MW、100MW, and we also produce forge pieces (20Cr11NiMoNbVN、C-422 and so on) with high-difficult materials. At the same time, our enterprise has undertaken the tasks of producing forge pieces of GH901 high temperature alloy steel and forge pieces of NiCr20TiAl nickel base alloy for 100MW Ultra Supercritical Unit of a certain turbine company.

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